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Baby Alive Bitsy Burpsy Baby Doll

Bitsy Burpsy Baby Doll
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Baby Alive

Package Quantity: 1

Cute and friendly Bitsy Burpsy Baby . One of the several features for these dolls is the burp cloth changes color and dries for more playtime. Additional features include things like feed her the bottle. It's 14.02" Height x 5" Length x 10" Width. Shopping for Bitsy Burpsy Baby . To find the best offer on this baby doll besides other dolls, click on the add to cart button below.

Your small girl will love feeling like a actual mommy when caring for her Baby Alive doll. She'll fall in love with the adorable look of her sweet new baby doll, along using the nurturing play will engage her. Bitsy Burpsy Baby doll's attributes mixed with your little girl's imagination let for burping, feeding, cuddling and cradling fun.

Just like a real baby, the Bitsy Burpsy Baby doll actually drinks from the bottle. The included burp cloth modifications color when it gets wet! When your little girl pats her back, baby makes cute burping sounds. Imagine all inside the fun you can have showing your daughter how to adjust a diaper. Don't worry, Mom, it's just water. Want to realize the best part? (Baby Alive diaper refills are sold separately. So after baby spits up a bit, your tiny girl can enjoy the magic with all the cloth as it changes colors. Then, proudly look on as she does it all by herself. Your small 1 can throw the included burp cloth over her shoulder, cradle baby in her arms and see what it's like to burp her very personal baby doll. Just press on her back to begin the fun.) The cloth dries so she can burp the baby again. She really wets!


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