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Cabbage Patch Babies Doll - Caucasian Girl, Bald Head

Cabbage Patch Babies Doll
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Cabbage Patch Kids

Package Quantity: 1

A child is going to hug to the Cabbage Patch Babies . One of the several major features for this doll is the 12. 5" baby in removeable fashion, playable hairdo, special cabbage leaf shaped bottle and pacifier and matching blanket. Additional features consist of ages 2 years and up. It's dimensions are 13" Height x 12" Length x 6.5" Width and weighs approximately 0.77 lbs. Cabbage Patch Babies , select the weblink below.

Cabbage Patch Babies are back and also the same as you remember them - adorable, soft, loveable and ready to be adopted and cared for. 5"x 13"Recommended Ages: 2-5 years Each Cabbage Patch Baby comes using a removeable outfit and diaper, special cabbage leaf bottle and pacifier made only for Cabbage Patch Babies and matching blanket with unique Cabbage Patch Babies fabric. Product Measures: 12"x 6. Every little girl can take the oath of adoption so that they are ready to really like and care for their Cabbage Patch Baby for life. As with the originals, each come using a birth certificate that contains their genuinely own name, birth date and adoption papers - each a single is different.


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